Review of The Blue Nile – Ethiopian Cuisine

Blue Nile - JP

August 27, 2014 by tablecritic in Restaurant Reviews

By Rachel Lebeaux – As a Jamaica Plain resident, “elated” may not be a strong enough word to describe my reaction when I heard Blue Nile was coming to the neighborhood two years ago. Under the steady hand of chef-owner Ellena Haile and ably managed by her brother Yosef, the simple, nine-table restaurant in Jamaica Plain’s Hyde Square churns out some of the most traditional, flavorful and well-priced food in all of Boston, offering a type of cuisine not especially well represented in these parts to a dining public that might be unfamiliar with the African nation’s best-known culinary creations.

And they accomplish all that without cooking with massive quantities of butter or salt. “There’s already lots of spice, and we want to be healthy,” Yosef explained on a recent weekday evening.

The quickest way to illustrate Yosef’s assertion is to…

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  1. Great review doll

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