I’m testing new Kombucha flavours:))) I did with beetroot, orange and carrots:) many times I’m just to lazy to make flavors so mainly I just cut ginger and put it into bottles, and to be honest I never ended up with nice ginger flavor , I mean wtf you could think, ginger and didn’t manage?:)) yes, it’s true:) I’m lazy to make it right. But yesterday I did juice from beetroot and carrots for morning and I’ve decided to mix three different favors with kombucha:) luckily kombucha was ready:) also I pressed orange juice and whualya I’ve got three amazing summer drinks:) it’s like autumn here though, but still:) kombucha is very good for health it’s natural probiotic, but before taking is better to go doctor bcz I know it’s not suitable for everybody, in my country kombucha are very popular and known from many many years ago:)


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  1. Wow this is interesting and healthy is almost like juicing in USA great post doll.

  2. Oooo! I need to try kombucha, as I never have~!

  3. I have never tried kombucha, as I have never heard of it… juicing is really popular in Canada, I have though about buying a juicer… down the road 😉

  4. Have tried beetroot juice but I don´t think I´ve tried a Kombucha before, sounds interesting and would try 🙂

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