Sea thoughts

It was a time when I could go to the sea without any reason … just .. sit… breathe the air … to think and sometimes even cry… Now, go to the sea I need a reason … strange … Or maybe I completely turned into megalopolis person who are charged not by nature and the sea but monstrously huge buildings and their energy … Or maybe I just stopped noticing the beauty and power of the sea …

But that day I went to the sea. When doing photo-shooting by yourselves at the sea, is filled with different feelings … there is no infinite bustle, everything seems so endless and fresh … You know how crisp white shirt … when you put it on. It makes you perfect, nothing else is needed to show how beautiful it is … So here … Ocean energizes and empower … It does not need a beautiful home or a door for greater landscape. Just enough waves …

IMG_2679sharpened no effects IMG_2777sharpened IMG_2922lensflare Fotor0623201812

Когда-то я ходила на море без какой-либо причины… просто так.. посидеть, подышать воздухом… подумать, а иногда и поплакать от несчастной подростковой любви… Сейчас, чтобы пойти на море или просто на набережную мне нужна причина… Странно… Или я совсем превратилась в мегаполисного человека, которого заряжают не природа и море, а чудовищно огромные здания и их энергия… Или я просто перестала замечать красоту и мощь моря…

Но вот именно в тот день я пошла на море. Когда делаешь самострелы на море, абсолютно другие чувства наполняют… тут нет бесконечной суеты, все кажется таким бесконечным и свежим… Знаете как белая хрустяшая рубашка… когда ее надеваешь. Она делает тебя по-торжественному совершенной, ничего больше не нужно, никаких изощрений, чтобы показать насколько она прекрасна… Так и тут… океан питает энергией и мощью… И не нужны красивые дома или двери, для пущей навороченности. Достаточно только волн и шума прибоя…


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  1. I love the look of a crisp white shirt… it really makes an outfit… your trench coat is timeless too 🙂 I hope you have a really great week ahead 🙂

  2. Очень красивое место! Самострелы получаются все лучше и лучше. Мне кажется, что если б у меня под боком было море, я б туда ходила каждый день…хотя не знаю, может тоже привыкла бы и стала принимать как должное.

  3. Effortless outfit…love the trench coat and the denim. The ocean is so energizing and empowering 😉

  4. Very effortlessly cool look!! I love the sea photos as well- so beautiful!

  5. I try to squeeze in more casual nature time, the ripped denim is my kind of denim ❤ :))

  6. Great outfit! You always know how to rock the boyfriend jeans:) Glad you enjoyed the ocean…Wishing I was there:)
    xo Olivia

  7. You look really gorgeous! Beautiful pics!

    I’d like to invite you to join giveaway at my blog!

    Check it out!

  8. Digging the cami crop top and loving those jeans!

  9. your outfit goes in harmony with the sea vibes , i went the last week to the sea & i just cried my eyes out there remembering all the shity things in my life ,,, sea has a strong natural power & we all should be it a visit now & then to feel better after a few tears ,,,


    – my insane shoes & bags haul up on my blog :

  10. Very nice work
    Putting all this outfit together
    Very chic and unique, fashion is about being
    Creative, and you absolutely Rock with this statement outfit.
    Great post dear

  11. I like this look especially the hat.

  12. wow these photos are awesome! and i love your outfit darling!


    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
    Facebook + Instagram

  13. Effortless outfit! Absolutely love it. Love the jeans they are are so stunning.

  14. You are so right about everything… I was born and raised up in a big city, always lived in big cities till I moved to the countryside of England and then I started enjoying another pace of life… and I always loved the sea, it does energize me so much! You are so right! Nevertheless, although it’s true that with the sea behind and around you any other landscape is not needed for pictures, you do look very beautiful and outstanding there! I love your outfit, so cool to be at the sea, no vibrant colors, so the sea shows much more! I was a bit away because of the World Cup and food poisoning 🙂 Now I’m OK again! I’m following you on facebook, did you see it? You don’t have to do the same, of course, but if you like my page there I’ll be really happy! Have a great week!

  15. Super cool pics! What about following each other on Facebook and Twitter? ♡ C.

  16. We know exactly what you mean … when we’ve had the ocean in our backyard, we weren’t drawn to it, but now, living in the desert, the sea calls to us every summer and we find ourselves fascinated by it, spending as much time as we can on the beaches … and you look amazing in your crisp Ocean attire, luv.

    XOXO Nensi and Natasha

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