As a flower

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On my instagram page I was told that I choose colors as a flower. Maybe yes, but it was definitely not my intention, just I love monochrome.  I wish the Summer last longer, please….


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  1. Leto ❤ Summer is approaching here and I can´t wait.

  2. You look stunning in this combination.

  3. Hi again! I was out for some weeks, very hectic, but now I am back and I missed your posts! You know what it means moving, how hectic it is – and it’s not complete but I managed to have more time from now on to my favorite blogs! In March I even went to Russia, it was lovely! Well, now your outfit – you always, always look beautiful! I love these colors, i love pink for sure and the combination looks sophisticated! Very stylish! It’s nice seeing you again! March trip

  4. Love the color of your trousers!
    It looks great paired with beige heels… 🙂
    Geetika |

  5. Lovely outfit! These colors look great on you. I am going to try them too as we have similar complexion. Sara

  6. Girl, per usual, you are rocking amazing color combinations!! I love the rose/pinks on you! Those pants are so chic and look so effortlessly cool!

  7. Wow, stunning outfit. 😉
    lovely greets Ness

  8. Oxana, I adore your style… and the colors you chose compliment each other so well… you look very pretty 🙂

    I hope your summer lasts a little bit longer… and I hope our winter is totally gone for the year 🙂 xox

  9. Stunning as always. Loving those shades they are look good on you. 😀

  10. You bloom in these blushing hues! ❤

  11. True flower colors! Beautiful! xxx

  12. Obsessed with the colors!

  13. Summer is here, and it’s so hot! Жара зажарила мой мозг… Мне нравятся оттенки розово-красные!

  14. Мне очень понравилась цветовая комбинация образа! а оттенок помады потрясающе красив. Образ продуман до мелочей! Оксана, очень здорово!

  15. I BELIEVE in PINK !! The oufit looks amazing ❤

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