Which one will be more flattering to me

Ok, Guys, I need your help! I’ve decided to cut my hair very short for two reasons, or maybe  even more:

1) I want changes in my hair and I think such hair cut will be more appropriate for my image

2) my hair is unruled

3) I found Micah’s blog and she inspired me to do it

4) My hair drop so much as it reach certain lengths and I need to start taking vitamins

5) I have a lot of grey hair and I’m kinda tired to dye it

I  made the poll to vote for certain hair style which you think will be more flattering to me.

Photo credit to Pinterest and Google


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  1. I think number 4 although I am pretty sure you would rock any style you choose!!


  2. I know how you feel, I just cut six inches off my hair… it feels and looks so much better. Good luck with you decision, I am sure any of these will be awesome 🙂

  3. Не знаю, не знаю… Может, стричься поэтапно? или все же решила радикально? Если “пилите, Шура, пилите”, то можно до Шарлиз “допилить”, думаю, тебе будет прикольно)))

  4. I voted for option number four, that option has a little length in case you feel like doing more with it. I have had short hair in the past and I would recommend to keep some length.

  5. Оксан, может ты еще подумаешь!?))) Я наоборот вдохновляюсь твоими длинными волосами и хочу отрастить))


  6. I love them all- though especially number 3!

  7. I voted with 3, I think is the proper length for you, if you want then shorter you will cut more. 😉
    About women and not only Blog

  8. good luck with ur hair cut , but i suggest that you choose a much longer hair cut than pixie , cause of your face frame is wider than the female celebs in these pics above

    i found a gallery of short hair cuts that will look perfect on your face
    check them out before you decide anything oxana :-




  9. I like #1 or #4! All great picks! Wish I had the face for this!
    xo TJ


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