On the top of the top

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For quite long time I’ve been looking for some leather accents on top of the top, so when I saw this cropped top (PU leather) which actually suppose to show skin, I was more then happy, I knew from that moment how I’m going to wear it. On the top of the top:)))



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  1. This is a good look for you, I really like the color of blue in the tee shirt too 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

    • Hi Oxana… I am not sure anything will help me sleep… I just think my mind won’t let it happen … 😦 As for the smoothies.. I had a peach one and Valentina had a raspberry and strawberry… she actually made both of them… she is the smoothie girl in this household. Thank you so much for your comment, you are so sweet 🙂

  2. Cool top love the design.

  3. Смелый очень образ, твой такой!

  4. Nice!! Great way to style the crop top trend!!

  5. I love leather myself, so I love your leather top of course 🙂

  6. Love the crop top/tee combo – what a fantastic outfit idea. Great look.

  7. Классная фигура! Такую упаковать совершенно несложно, а когда это сделано еще и грамотно, со вкусом, в индивидуальном стиле, то результат всегда потрясающий! это касается всего, что ты делаешь в своем блоге! Восторг!!!

    • Ох дорогая спасибо!!!, про фигуру отдельное спасибо, я над ней в последнее время усилиенно работаю:)))

  8. Loving this layered look with the pop of color against the black! You are stunning!
    xo TJ


  9. This is so chic! I love the little leatherette crop top, it really adds so much attitude to the look! Layering it is such a good idea! Love the way your top and shoes match perfectly too!


  10. Топ реально крутой)))))))))))))))))))

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