Trelise Cooper: Fashion Session Britomart

Trelise Cooper didn’t want to stop just for only one conception in her collection and she introduced many different trends and styles from street wear to business suits.

Masculinity, bold shapes, intense color fusion, handicraft folks inspiration, Asian fairy-tales, glamour sports spirit. All these were chopped, grated and combined with high fashion sophistication to deliver such extremely, perfectly made collection A/W2014.


Luxury military – new word in fashion? I would say yes.  Personally I’m craving for this black one.



Intensive color fusion, what can be better to improve winter mood.



Dracula’s bride, steam punks,  folk, whatever but definitely some fairly tales formed the base of   inspiration for these two slick pieces.  I would team them with white or graphic patterned skinny pants in my everyday life and vivid bag. But definitely It doesn’t matter which way you choose, they are perfect by themselves.



Glamour is everywhere and this is exactly such case when more is less doesn’t  work. No-o.


Designer doesn’t forget to please business women by these tailored suits and dresses. Some of them will suit for day to night outfits some of them can help to bring relaxation in strict atmosphere. Regardless of anything we are all women.


Sculptural, architectural, bold shapes, probably it doesn’t seem to be very new for fashion philosophy, but instead of being something not approachable it becomes more practical and functional.


Shifttops instead of sweatshirt, why not. Definitely, they are unbeatable winners in the trials to create more versatile, eye-catchy and effortless chic outfit. Just only imagine – underneath striped sleeves top, simple jeans and brogues. What would you say?


This is what blown me away forever. Everything what I was talking about mixed here in these just three pictures. This is where East and West came together. Unbelievable, but this is possible.


Viva New Zealand Fashion you have got new loyal follower.  Forever.


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10 replies

  1. She definitely loves her bold colors and designs… I must say I am in love with the green coat 😉

  2. Как классно! Уже хочется скорее окунутся в атмосферу недель моды)

  3. Отличная неделя! Некоторые вещи прямо мои-мои, взяла бы под копирку))) хохо

    • а я буду ждать распродажу у них в июне начнется, они самплы будут продавать за очень очень дешево:)))

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog ;-)♡

  5. Love, love springy prints,! Can’t wait to wear them.

  6. Beautiful fashion. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Awesome- I LOVE this style!! So glam and gorgeous!

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