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I’m so excited! I’ve got a pass for all fashion shows on Fashion Session Britomart 2014 (thanks to Britomart media center) which hold a place at 28 February and 1 March in Auckland. Two days and 6 shows of paradise from famous New Zealand and International designers. Can’t believe!  So, stay tuned and you will see one of the most stylish event of New Zealand. It’s going to be awesome!

It was not so hot that day so I decided to extend my white pants into beige shoes. I like the result, but I don’t like to wear these shoes. I’m talking about it everywhere, but it’s true, they are HIGHLY uncomfortable. I walk like I’m drunk, bcz they are simply – unstable.  Ring was found on High Street in small and stylish shop Mishka, there are a massive sale now.  It was pretty great price for such masterpiece, so I’m thinking to buy one more, just a bit in different design.

After wearing white pants I’ve got the idea to get ideal white crispy shirt. If you know shops where I can find it, please leave a link, it will be much appreciated.
white+pants+trousers+new_zealand_lavender+loafers white+pants+trousers+new_zealand_lavender+loafers white+pants+trousers+new_zealand_lavender+loafers


I’m wearing: sweatshirt – Country Road, pants – Esprit, shoes -Kurt Geiger, ring – Mishka (on sale now) bag -Polo, nail polish -Revlon.


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  1. Great look, love the pants and the ring! Congrats for your pass. 🙂

  2. You look amazing love the outfit.

  3. How fun!! Enjoy 🙂 Looking beautiful in this outfit! xx


  4. You look so sophisticated in this chic all white outfit. thats so exciting! Cant wait to hear your coverage on the shows!

  5. gorgeous!! we love your white on white look!
    as always, you’re rocking the perfect accessories 🙂

    • Hi Girls, thank you a lot, I fall in love straight away from first look at this ring, unfortunately picture can’t show all beauty an sophistication of this ring, but I will try to make it better next time:)))

  6. I love the all white look! It’s too bad the shoes aren’t more comfortable because they look so great!

    • Hi Melisa :))) yeah, I was so upset when I discovered this fact, first time I wore them for whole day on Fashion Week so I had to buy new shoes right there, but when I was checking other shoes many women wanted to try these my and asked how much do they cost:))) it was funny:)))

  7. Очень понравился твой свитшот, мой любимый nude) Клатч винтаж?


    • нет:)) клатч покупала год назад на распродаже, вначале хотела вернуть, а потом подумала что паттерн и цвет интересный и оставила:)))

  8. Hot in white! Love the clutch! xxx

  9. Я тебя поздравляю с этим волнующим событием и буду ждать отчетов))) Мне очень нравится светлый комплект, особенно симпатичен этот минималистичный свитшот! Ты спрашивала про программку для коллажей: я обычно использую polyvore (прям на сайте делаю, потом переношу в блог), но те коллажи, которые тебе понравились, принадлежат InStyle, я там написала об этом)))

  10. I love this look! You look so beautiful in white sweetie!! ❤

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  11. It was great hearing your thoughts, Happy Friday dear!

  12. Очень верх понравился! Вообще мне очень комфортно в подобном наряде. Я люблю, конда или низ или вверх (или обувь) очень комфортный, чувствуешь себя намного лучше, нежели когда полный пакет в виде брюк, боузы и каблуков. А тут разбавленно грамотно. Преклоняюсь

    • Спасибо Саш:))) я тоже не уютно чувствую когда весь сет в одном классическом стиле, для меня это ту мач

  13. Have a relaxing and unwinding weekend hun!

  14. Элегантный образ….очень нравится клатч

  15. There is something rather elegant about this look– I like it a lot, especially the sweatshirt! Congrats on getting the passes, I am sure you will have a blast!

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