My simple vegan diet

As you know I’ve become a vegan. My food consist completely from veggies,  beside of honey – I eat it only if I have throat soar.

People who are get used to animal product from their childhood, can’t imagine how is it possible to eat only veggies and don’t feel hunger. But actually it’s possible and even more. There are a lot of benefits. The most important I don’t have feeling of heaviness in my stomach, I don’t want to sleep after lunch. Processes of cooking takes now only 30 mins, mostly for chopping and cutting veggies.

This time I’d like to share with you my daily diet. It’s fried potato with herbs and sprinkled seaweed (I buy it usually in Japanese market and it looks like chopped herbs), fried mushrooms, fried tomato, fried cashew nuts, fresh  lettuce and avocado. All these stuff are fried separately and  sprinkled with seeds.

vegan food

Как многие из вас знают, я теперь на стороне веганов, т.е полный отказ от всего животного, правда я иногда использую мед, когда например болит горло.

Для людей, которые привыкли есть мясо с детства, вопрос как же есть только овощи и при этом не испытывать чувство голода, естественнен. Но на самом деле, это легко и просто и я нашла для себя много преимуществ. Во-первых, после такой еды я никогда не чувствую тяжесть в желудке  и не хочу спать после обеда. Сам процесс готовки стал занимать примерно 30 мин, причем самое долгое это резать и стругать.

А на тарелке у меня, жареная картошка с укропом и сушеной морской капустой ( я покупаю уже мелко порезанную с японских магазинов и использую в качестве приправы), жареные помидоры, жареные грибы, жареные орешки кешью, свежий салат и авокадо. Все ингредиенты обжарены по отдельности и сверху на тарелке уже посыпаны тыквенными зернышками.


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23 replies

  1. Yumm!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. I don’t think I could be a total vegan but I don’t eat meat daily and when I do, it is sparingly… I agree, I don’t like the heavy feeling but I need the added protein… I do eat nuts other Greek yogurt and other items… 🙂 Congratulations that you can live that way, it is a very healthy choice 🙂

  3. I love furikake! It’s great in rice too.

  4. …ps. just make sure you get vegan furikake. Sometimes it has fish in it.

  5. It looks delicious I will want to give it a try.

  6. Congrats on the size drop and your new business! Wishing you every success with it! I have been semi vegetarian since I as about 9 or 10, I would be completely vegan but I simply cannot give up seafood. This looks absolutely delicious!Thanks for lending me your thoughts on my last post dear.

    • Hi Sam, thank you a lot! It’s really great, about seafood I also was from beginning kind of semi vegan but then all of sudden stop eating them also:))) Thank you for your opinion, I really appreciate it

  7. You go!! I think this is tough, but totally support it!! And admire your commitment!

  8. What do you fry the veggies in? Olive oil? It looks delicious!


    • Hi Lindsay, thank you a lot! I used rice oil, it has less flavor and I wanted to keep veggies flavor by itself, also because I have induction cooking plate and special pans for that I use as little oil as a small teaspoon can hold:)))

  9. This looks really yummy! I’m a vegetarian myself and have been thinking about doing the vegan thing for awhile (but I think I’d miss cheese way too much!), anyway, this looks delicious!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    • Hi Miche, I also loved cheese, but my doctor said that I can’t eat diary products, including cheese and especially blue which was my favorite:))) but I found home-made vegan cheese which is also good enough to substitute the taste:)) Thank you for your great opinion!

  10. I have always wanted to become a vegan, but never really did it, and now I am about to start a vegan challenge for 30 days, just to see if I am capable of being or not. This post comes really in time for me, and gives me inspiration for food. I’ve never really liked eating meat, so I think that it won’t be that hard for me to become a vegan. Let’s see!

    Hope you are well and happy!
    Lots of kisses
    Angelina –

  11. It seems delicious…Do you feel better?? I’d like to try the vegan diet. Kisse from Italy. Simona

  12. Yummy! Thank you for sharing! ❤

    New Blog Post: [Outfit Idea] A Trendy Day

  13. It looks really yummy! Question: what sort of taste does seaweed give?

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