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As I recently moved into new apartment I came across with a problem of clothes storage and space saving. Today I resolved problem with shoes storage, the decision of it in my Instagram account here  . But I have another problem how to store my collection of hats, I would not like to hang them because I just afraid to stretch them out or something like that, but definitely I’m looking for it. While I’m getting ideas from Internet I’ve found a lot of other storage ideas. I hope some of them will be useful.

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Pictures are taken from Pinterest, Red online, Cornflower Blue Studio. Love Megan, Henry Happened.

Недавно я переехала в новую квартиру и столкнулась с проблемой хранения обуви, места нет совсем. Один маленький загажник, не разгонишься. Проблему я решила и вместо огромнейшей полки сейчас только маленькая коробочка на полу, а как я это сделала на моем Инастграме тут. Но у меня есть еще одна проблема, некуда складывать шляпы, у меня их около 20 штук и есть парочка с огромными полями. Пока я искала в интернете идеи натолкнулась на очень классные фотки, что даже решила их и вам показать. Налеюсь вам пригодится.


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  1. We have no wardrobe space for shoes so we have 2 small bookshelves by the front door filled with our shoes. We also have lots of hats. Right now, they are in a box. I would like to display them but I think they would get very dusty?

  2. These are some great storage ideas, once I move I want to implement a few of these ideas… I will have to go to Google and Pinterest 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Hi Oxana! How was your Holiday? I hope you had a great one. And also good luck with your new apartment dear. find some the storage rental those near by your new apartment:).

    Have a good Sunday!

  4. nice ideas!
    My apartment is very small so I´m looking for a good idea too!
    My last post is an international giveaway and U could win the necklace if u want. Steps are very easy, try on and good luck!

  5. I’m always looking for ideas for storage. Thanks dear for sharing and hope you have enjoyed your weekend!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  6. идеи очень классные!

  7. I loved the ideas! Two of them I will definitely use! For scarves! Some of the shoes ideas I am already using – but really I am glad I saw the scarves’ ideas! Hope you sort out everything soon! It’s so good to see our things organized then! denisesplanet com

  8. Storage is always a problem! But we do have to be creative and some of the photos you have on this post are very good ideas!

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