Add color to your mood

Recently I realized I want colors!

 Even last year I wanted to mix my boring wardrobe with something colorful, but hands reached only this dress. So last Thursday, a year later, I went to shopping center to buy something while sales are everywhere and  instead of something I bought pants, cardigan and four silk tops. Who follows me on Instagram  knows I made report of purchases there:)

 I’m wearing jacket which I’ve made by myself,  I haven’t finished it yet but I wanted to put it on soo badly and I did.

Color-therapy has started:)

Недавно я поняла, что хочу цвета!

 Если честно еще в прошлом году я хотела разбавить свой гардероб чем-нибудь цветным, но руки дошли только до этого платья.  Поэтому в прошлый четверг я все-таки пошла в сити мол купить чего-нить цветного,  а у нас то время распродаж сейчас и в итоге вместо чего-нибудь я купила брючки, кардиган и четыре шелковых топа.

А на мне платье из прошлогодней цветотерапии, и жакетик я сшила сама, правда не дошила, напялила так, ну очень надо было.

Цветотерапия началась:)





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45 replies

  1. Wow, this is such a dynamic look, love the teal coat, I barely see enough of this hue, the dress is so elegant and the bag and heels compliment it perfectly! Hope you have a productive week ahead sweetheart!

  2. Оксана, невероятное сочетание цветов, принты, пальто, обувь….! Я твой фанат) Это ты про эту сумку говорила? Странно, что она не нравилась тебе – классика жанра: обувь с сумкой в тон)

    • да Маш в том то и дело что классика жанра а мне хотелось чего нибудь из другой оперы:) но поскольку ни одна из моих существюущих сумок не подошли я взяла эту:)

  3. I love the color teal… it looks amazing 😉

  4. Love the loafers you look gorgeous.

  5. so pretty and colorful!

  6. You made that jacket?! I’m so impressed! This is one of my favorite looks that you’ve posted- it’s so glamorous and cozy and chic and colorful all at once!! I love it! xo

  7. love this beautiful blue/teal shade ❤ sooo gorgeous

  8. I love this look! What a beautiful dress! ❤

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  9. wow that jacket is stunning! and i love the dress!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  10. Wow!! One of my absolute favorites! The color, the intensity, the pattern, the booties! Just wow!

  11. Adding color to an outfit is the best way! I love your dress, the color and pattern is gorgeous.


  12. you look amazing in these vibrant jewel colours! you should wear them more often! 🙂

  13. You look lovely! This print and the coat are great!

    Hope you are well and happy!
    Many kisses
    Angelina –

  14. Love the dress and coat beautiful

  15. love your dress, really beautiful colors!

  16. Very tasty look! Bright dress! I like it too much! Nice colors mix! You are full of ideas!

  17. OMG! So in love with everything! 🙂
    NL. ❤

  18. love shoes and coat! xoxo

    keep up don’t give up

  19. Love the color! I love green! Your shoes are genius! Thanks for your posting!
    Have a nice day!

  20. Hello Oxana! first apologies for such a late replied from being real sick, I was gone the whole time until now.
    Thanks so much for the kind words that you left for me on my last posted. You looks fantastic, I adore your bag and shoes so much, they are so unique. You look beautiful.

    I hope all is well with you Oxana!


  21. I adore this outfit! the print is stunning, and I can’t believe you made that jacket. The shoes are lovely in that color! Fabulous ensemble!

  22. So lush! Your colors are magical. I love your outfit so much and your combo is brilliant. I need those shoes in my life. You rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……. girl. ”screaming” Loud.

  23. Ксюша, очень круто!!!! Цветотерапия удалась=))) А жакет, хоть и не дошитый))), но просто бомбезный-))

  24. What a gorgeous dress. Great job on that DIY jacket.
    Great blog 😉 xoxo

  25. that shade is just too gorgeous!!

  26. Teal is a very underestimated color in my opinion , you look super great oxana ,,,,

    I Have a new OOTD (( STRIPS MADNESS FOR FALL ) , must see


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