Shoe madness

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” Oh, I need  them desperately, exactly such shoes, they cost only 80 NZD down from 160!!!, and this is Zara, I love Zara, I hope they are comfy even though they are heeled, –but You have been thinking not to buy heels,  and you don’t have money, you spend all your savings on shoes, you have a lot of shoes and don’t wear them -Ah, shut up, I love shoes, I will sell my old one from Denim talk and maybe some other shoes… ”  –  These is what I thought while trying on new black shoes these weekend… Finally I’ve bought them, put in pack and put my jacket on top, trying to hide them and pretending that I didn’t buy anything.  I found myself buying new shoes and hiding them from my boyfriend, I’m afraid he will send me to anonymous shoeholicks, because I buy shoes and just keep them in boxes. And most of my time I wear … wait for that… sneakers!

Today, thinking about post, I catch myself on thought that it must be post about shoes, “Again??? Yes, of course, what else can it be about?  But maybe bags at least? No, only shoes. “  and found article about Imelda Marcos’ famous collection of 3000 shoes, that most women would kill for. But ironically part of her collection has been badly damaged by termites, flood, and general neglect. Oh, my Lord, is it possible? No, I don’t want my shoes would be eaten by any insects or even by mold… I need breathable boxes asap, no, urgently, tomorrow. Even if I will not wear some pairs  the fact having of beautiful shoes makes me happy, maybe someday I will need them desperately.

“О, я хочу их, вот точно таких у меня нет, и они стоят все-то 80 баксов, со 160 до 80, вот это скидка! Аа, и это Зара, а я же люблю Зару, а Зара по-любому удобные, у меня ж уже были Зара, ну и неважно что каблук опять! Хочу!  – Но у тебя же нет денег, у тебя куча обуви, которую ты не носишь, – аа, блин заткнись, какая разница что не ношу, эти буду, продам бордовые с поста Denim talk и буду носить эти!”  Это то что я думала, пока мерила новые туфли в магазине на этих выходных… В итоге, я все-таки купила их, положила в пакетик, а сверху положила кофточку, типа я ничего не купила, чтобы бойфренд не понял. Я пришла к тому что я стала прятать туфли,  я просто боюсь что меня сдадут  к анонимных обувь-покупайкам-холикам. Потому что я покупаю туфли и просто храню их в коробках, а большую часть времени я ношу…. подожди это интересно….кроссовки!

И вот сегодня думая про пост, самое преове что пришло мне в голову, это туфли, –опять??? конечно,а что ж еще? может быть хотя бы про сумки, -Нееее, -туфли и точняк. ” Решила порыться в интернете и случайно наткнулась на статью про коллекцию обуви некой ИмелдыМаркос , которая насчитывает 3000 пар обуви. Так вот по иронии судьбы, очень много обуви было уничтожено, часть была съедена термитами, испорчена водой при наводнении и просто плохое обращение. Блин, неужели такое возможно? Я даже представит не могу чтоб мои туфли кто-нибудь жевал, блин мне срочно нужны воздухопроницаемые коробки, побольше и вчера.


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39 replies

  1. I love shoes too… nice and easy way to get a lift 🙂

  2. Beautiful shoes love them.

  3. Who even has the time to wear that many shoes!! I think its a bit excessive, still the dream though! These heels are simply gorgeous, I spent a good few minutes just oohing over them all.

  4. I love the shoes!!! The pair with the flower is my favorite- gorgeous!

  5. I love the shoes! This reminds me of a quote I read… Life is short, buy the shoes!” haha

  6. Интересное высказывание своих мыслей! Забавно))) Я к одежде отношусь намного проще. И как правило пару раз в год раздариваю то,что не доставалось из гардеробной более полугода.

  7. I’m a shoesaholic hun, obsessed with every kind of shoes!


  8. So many people suffer from the same illness. You know you have a problem when you are hiding purchases from your loved ones.

    It is even funnier to note that you wear sneakers most of the time.

    I too suffer from shoe hoarding. It doesn’t make sense since we only have 2 feet. Why do we need a hundred pairs of shoes?


  9. You know what… when we want something… you see, I said want, not need… why not? Do we have to be always very sensible? Besides, people say “you don’t wear all your shoes, why do you keep on buying more?” But my question is… do we have to wear all our shoes? People collect stamps. And other things. Do they post many letters to use the stamps? Can’t we buy shoes for our collection to admire them as a work of art? I think soooooooo! So, well done and now you have a pair for the collection and I support you if you don’t want to wear it – just admire it and it’s fine! (and if one day someone says to you again “blah blah blah you don;t wear them, please tell them what I told bout stamps 🙂 denisesplanet com

  10. знаешь, лучше собирать обувь, чем …курить, например)))))) полностью поддерживаю тебя!

  11. I now work in a shoe shop so I can’t stop buying shoes!
    Laura. xx

  12. Very beautiful shoes 🙂

    I follow you beautiful blog on bloglovin. I will wait for you in my blog

  13. It was really great hearing your opinion on my last post.

  14. Ohh shoes… my obsession! I rarely blog on shoes because I never know what to say! Thank you for the inspiration!


  15. These are indeed mad shoes,I want the chunky heels to break some walls.

  16. You sound like me! I have a major obsession with shoes! I have about 300 pairs and I can’t get enough! Really! I too have shoes in boxes that I have never worn, so I guess I am collecting them! 🙂 Make sure to take care of them, one day you will need them for a special event and they will be there waiting!


  17. SHOES!!!! Every woman will loose their mind when it comes to shoes! I certainly don’t have have a majestic 300 shoe collection but I sometime feel ashamed of the “few” that i do own. I’m always telling myself that i don’t need anything else, I have everything! But then, I go for walk and then i look at the shops and of course I look at the shoes… hard not to do that. In the end, we always buy something more…
    Should we even fight against it? I think it would be even worse!
    Great shoes featured on the pictures.
    And thanks for following me on instagram!

  18. There is nothing wrong with a shoe obsession! Us girls are allowed!! I am the same and I never get to wear them all. Sometimes I have even found pairs I had forgotten I had bought! A lovely surprise! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  19. You are always so sweet to stop by…Aren’t you glad it’s Friday already 🙂 I will hopefully have you something written in the next two weeks hun.

  20. ))) Вам повезло, что у вас много обуви!!! А у меня ее не хватает))) Да еще эта чертова погода холодная. Столько нужно обуви и на лето, и на осень с весной, и на зиму……..Распродажи это всегда соблазн.

    • Лен, интернет хорошая опция, у нас тут тоже не густо с выбором, это только в Америке всего чего хочешь, я сейчас в основном с интернете все и покупаю:)

  21. Кстати, шикарная обувь!!!!)))

  22. This post had me drooling over a new pair of sexy strapy shoes !! thanks for tempting me oxana !!!

    I Have a new OOTD (( STRIPS MADNESS FOR FALL ) , must see


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