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lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-black-leather-pants-sandals-black-and-white-nail-polish-opi-overland-country-road-riddlemethis-kookai-chanel-lipstick-pirate99 lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-black-leather-pants-sandals-black-and-white-nail-polish-opi-overland-country-road-riddlemethis-kookai-chanel-lipstick-pirate99

lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-black-leather-pants-sandals-black-and-white-nail-polish-opi-overland-country-road-riddlemethis-kookai-chanel-lipstick-pirate99lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-black-leather-pants-sandals-black-and-white-nail-polish-opi-overland-country-road-riddlemethis-kookai-chanel-lipstick-pirate99 lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-black-leather-pants-sandals-black-and-white-nail-polish-opi-overland-country-road-riddlemethis-kookai-chanel-lipstick-pirate99
Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to The Shakespeare regional park to take pictures and we did heaps of them as always, so then it becomes pain in the ass difficult to choose from, but as you can see I use two different shoes here, this is because I could not choose which one would be better. When I asked my boyfriend “Amorchik, which one is better?” after getting ready for three half an hour, clapping innocently by eyelashes,  he said take two, otherwise will be getting ready for another three hours.  Then we get to CBD for movie Captain Philips and  took pictures again how much more can be. 

Next day when I woke up I felt pain in my throat, and I thought WTF how could I catch it? I didn’t eat ice-cream, didn’t lick the icicles, it’s really  warm here already,  how come. First what I wanted was to call the boss, even to pretend to be sick more and say that I was ill but then I thought what’s the difference where hanging out on the Internet  I should work because I’m responsible I need to earn money for my next shoes or bag or new coat or something else…  

Now I have to drink spicy juice, it’s really spicy and sour, bcz of lemon, orange and plenty of ginger, hopefully it will help.  Oh, and I adore my new sandals, even though they don’t have heels, even better, they are highly comfy! 

Вобщем поехали мы на выходных в парк пофотаться, сделали кучу фоток впрочем как всегда, так, что потом это становиться занозой в одном месте проблемой выбрать нужную. Собираясь на этот фотосет чего-то не могла определиться с парой обуви, бывает ведь когда две пары подходят и что выбрать не знаю, до хрена просто туфель разных. вот я  и спрашиваю милого невинно хлопая ресницами прособиравшись всего то три часа, какие то полчаса, и обычно он мне говорит а тут видать  подустал ждать то ну и брякнул бери две, а то точно никуда не успеем еще три часа выбирать будешь  а после парка поехали в центр и там еще нафотались, недостаточно этих получилось.

А на следующее утро, когда я пронулась, что-то думаю с горлом не то, тяжело сглатывать слюну, вроде мороженного не ела и сосульки не облизывала, что за фигня такая… Первой мыслью было позвонить, прикинуться еще больше больной и остаться дома. А потом подумала, а какая разница где в интернете зависать,  я ж ответственная, как они без меня, да и деньги нужны на новые туфельки, сумочку, а может пальтишко тоже надо, а вот те Стелла Маккортни  уж очень хочется

Вот так вот сижу пью сок острый, что аж заедать приходиться, из лимона апельсина и ибмиря…. может поможет?:) Ах, да, обожаю новые сандалики, хоть они и без каблуков, а даже лучше, зато очень удобные!


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50 replies

  1. Обувь… загляденье! Даже не могу сосредоточиться на тексте 🙂


  2. Oh gosh!!! I love your black and white sandals so much, you look brilliant!!!

  3. Great Sandals you look beautiful.

  4. Delicious!!! Shoes for the date, for the everning… Sandals for comfortable day, walking along the park… By the way, you have very clever boy-friend!! It is a nice idea to take both pairs. Great look! Really your look! Your unique style!

  5. For comfort I would pick the sandals but I do LOVE high heels:-)

  6. These photos are so glamorous!! I love your look!! I like both pairs- definitely the sandals for day and the heels for night or day. I hope you are feeling better!!! xo

  7. Gorgeous as always!! I will vote for the pop of color and will go with the heels! ❤

    I have a new video up on my blog now, I hope you like it! 😉
    New Video: 7 Ways to Layer Your Clothes Like A New Yorker

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment!!!
    I follow you now on Bloglovin!



  9. Aww no, sorry to hear you have picked up the flu, it seems to be everywhere now! Get better soon hun. I am a flats type of girl so I would pick your adorable black sandals, they look super comfy.

  10. Amazing pictures and look ❤ Happy Sunday!!!

  11. Amazing look. Honestly, i love both. For the high heels look gorgeous and the sandals look comfy and chic. Wearing all black+ red lipstick makes the look more sexy.😄

  12. Amazing pics and look!!!
    I love your sandals and your Heels too!!!!!
    Happy WE!!!

  13. I love the white shoes, they are chick and sophisticated and edgy also.You look great!

  14. This look is absolutely amazing! Love your shoes!



  15. Nice post and thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!

  16. Cute post and thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!

  17. Ого, очень круто! мне тоже нравится бело-черная гамма, а обувь вобще загляденье, и текст смешной:)

  18. You are so elegant here. A true fashionista!Go for the black sandals.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  19. Шикарные фотографии!!

  20. I loooooove both pairs but those sandals are just beyond amazing 😉



  21. both are cute, but the animal print heels is cuter!

  22. Honestly, I don’t know! Initially I like the first ones better, but they’re just so much more casual! Both pairs are gorgeous!


  23. Hmm I’m partial to the flat black pair. Functional yet still stylish. Hope you get over your cold soon!

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  24. Thanks for your fashionable insight, may your week be an inspiring one 🙂

  25. wow….cute look! i love both pairs!!!

    Un nuovo paio di occhiali….http://emiliasalentoeffettomoda.altervista.org/firmoo-eyeglasses/

  26. The sandals!!! Love the total black look! xxx

  27. Those are some gorgeous shoes, I love them both. Gorgeous pictures as well.


  28. I love them both, but the black and white ones are my favourite, they’re so cute! I also really love your leather look trousers. Get better soon! xx

  29. you look stunning in these photos!!
    we love the snakeskin heels, so sexy!

  30. NIce outfit! 😉


  31. haha your boyfriend sounds funny! i love the outfit, both shoes are super cute!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  32. Loving the photos and both of the shoes!

  33. Что за босоножки? Откуда они? Мне тоже такие нужны!

  34. Hard choice! They are both so much fun! I love the all black look!

  35. I love our sandals! Great look!

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