Only black

“Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, ‘and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice ‘without pictures or conversation?”

Do you love watching pictures and hate reading ? This is about me, I do exactly the same and don’t know why, at least for last 15 years, but  I read posts, not always to be honest, for  that post must catch me up, and not necessary by good quality contest, sometimes it can be just a word and click I’m there inside of those emotions, but sometimes no. And Alisa the same, she just didn’t find out anything interesting for her in sister’s book.

А вы тоже любите смотреть картинки в журналах  и ненавидите читать?  Это обо мне, не знаю почему, но последние лет 15  я читать перестала, только смотрю картинки:) хотя положа руку на сердце я читаю посты, не всегда правда, для этого пост должен меня чем-то зацепить, и я думаю не всегда это связано с хорошим текстом, иногда просто что-то щелкает, а иногда нет. Вот и Алиса ничего интересного в книжке сестры не увидела:)


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  1. Black is always a great staple in our wardrobe.. easy to go to if you’re unsure of a color 🙂

  2. We always need black its a must in handbags great looking one here.

  3. amazing bag!
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  4. yup i feel the same way too~~

    btw, i did receive my choies order eventually.. evne though they never sent out email. i hope that helps!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG
    the STYLE Fringe BLOGLOVIN

  5. Like it!!! 😉

  6. 🙂 i hear you! I LOVE to read though sometimes there’s too much in my brain to settle it down and focus!

  7. Не, я как раз читатель)) Хотя картинки красивые тоже очень люблю)



  8. Black is always great piece to have in the wardrobe.

  9. I am not much of a reader myself and I perfer to look at pictures. I am more of a visual person. I guess that is why I became a style consultant! 🙂 Love the black accessories!


  10. looks so beautiful. I want that bag!

    Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

    Paris //
    Instagram @charcoalalley

  11. Bag and gloves are simply stunning and sophisticated, love them!


  12. Знаешь, сейчас я стала любить читать) старею что ли 🙂

  13. How gorgeous bag!

    xx, Ana Carolina.
    Instagram e Twitter: @simplesglamour

  14. I love posts with pictures more
    because most of the time I am in a hurry.

    Love the bag.

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