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Lavender-Loafers-makeup-beauty-models-catwalk-runway-fashion-blogger-smokey-eyes-jewelry-accessories Lavender-Loafers-makeup-beauty-models-catwalk-runway-fashion-blogger-smokey-eyes-jewelry-accessories Lavender-Loafers-makeup-beauty-models-catwalk-runway-fashion-blogger-smokey-eyes-jewelry-accessories Lavender-Loafers-makeup-beauty-models-catwalk-runway-fashion-blogger-smokey-eyes-jewelry-accessories
Do you eat after 6 pm? That’s ok, mee too and you know what? Every morning I promise myself don’t do this, eat only veggie salad at 6 pm and nothing else, but as soon as dinner time comes memory disappears. Do you have the same lapse of memory?:) I always do:) Looking at models I always think who is lucky me or they? They have to keep strict diet every minute, but what about jam? Of course nooo:), I think they can’t even smell it:) But anyway, they are lucky, they don’t eat harmful food, as I believe:) and everybody wants to be the same as they:)  right now I’m writing about my promise and eating delicious cherry jam, writing and eating:) Well, tomorrow definitely I will keep my promise, or not? 🙂 There is still a little bit:)

Btw there are two of my favorite lipsticks, red and plum, but there is such opinion that such colors only for chubby lips, I don’t agree, no,no,no. At least look at these pictures and you will see:)

Вы едите после 6 вечера? Это нормально, я тоже. Каждое утро обещаю себе есть на ужин только овощной салат, но куда там, приходит вечер и объедаюсь сладкого, прям какие то провалы памяти:) Смотрю на моделей и думаю черт как же им бедным не везет, они ведь каждый день едят по чуть чуть и обжираловки себе вобще не позволяют:) а уж про вишневое варенье вобще молчу, они его наверно и не нюхают даже:) а я вот ем сейчас джем и строчу пост, строчу и лопаю, аяяя, вот где мое обещание:) ну и ладно, завтра уж точно будет по-другому:)хотя нет, еще на донышке осталось:) И опять про губы, кто сказал что темные помады только для пухлых губ? Неа, как раз наоборот, посмотрите на фотки и все поймете сами


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24 replies

  1. едим и еще как едим) по теме – очень красивые картинки ты выбрала) хочется все!

  2. You to funny I eat veggies and everything in between. Great images of the models.

  3. I love the one with the detailed hair style, so pretty 🙂

  4. I love food.I had never been in diet and I eat all the time.People think the opposite, but I’m just lucky 🙂 Great post!

  5. Those are some gorgeous details, especially the jewelry pieces.


  6. haha! I always tend to eat late by the time I get home and get settled! Love you detail picks…I’d love any of them!! xo

  7. The accessories are incredibly gorgeous! Would love to own a few…
    I’ve thought about that too. And most of the times I think I’m the lucky one, because even taking care of the things I eat, I still get to eat normally and appreciate good food, and they can’t. The thoght of them walking in the street and feel the smell of delicious food that they can’t have, must be horrible and a torture. It would be torture for me.
    I love red lipstick and agrre that no chubby lips are nedded for that. I also like plum, but not on me, unfortunately…

  8. Hi sweety, these finer details are so beautifully inspiring. I love the bejeweled hairstyles, bold makeup and exquisite jewelry. Stunning!

  9. Fabulous details! ❤

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  10. Подборка фотографий очень интересная! Я кстати тоже иногда ем после 6. Ну а что касается помады, мне не нравится яркая и темная помада на узких губах.

  11. How perfect!

    xx, Ana Carolina.
    Instagram e Twitter: @simplesglamour

  12. Lovely post. I love “over the top” jewelry it is very royal and beautiful. Sara

  13. Oh wow , dreamy pics sweetie .,



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