Denim talks


   Btw I bought these pants 10 years ago, when I gained weight I could not wear them and plus I was tired to wear the same so I put them far from my eyes and found it recently, welcome back anyway:)


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  1. I like your colors, T-shirt and especially hair-style. It is very difficult to make something easy and at the same time sexy with hair. You can it, I think. And so deep eyes! Nice make-up.

  2. Красавица! А сережки какие!!! Прелесть:-)

    Have a nice weekend!


  3. Great post you so right we never satisfied we our own worst enemy. I had an iphone 5 now I have samsung 4 like samsung better my opinion

  4. Your hair looks great here and I love your shoes 🙂

    I really don’t think we are ever satisfied with what we have … too sad. Losing the 60+ pounds I lost I came to love my body, even if it is older, it is curvier and it has put up with me all these years 🙂

  5. Incredible style and blog! 🙂

    I would like to invite you to my BLOG to take a look at my ideas! I would be so happy if we support each other! I will follow right back, just let me know!

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  6. I love your sense of style, i have already told you this. But your eyes are the thing here. So beautiful.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  7. I completely agree with everything you said. But then again, I guess it’s part of our human nature to be like that, to never be content. I think your outfit is very cool but i understand that there are alwyas issues with what we wear. Still we do need to learn to be content more often!

  8. I dont think you look fat.and your hair look great. I think we all go to phases were we don´t like something about ourselves. But as I get older I accept me more. The only thing is that I have to make more excercise as cloth is getting tighter hehe.

  9. gorgeous outfit, loving the denim!
    and awesome post, very beautiful words regarding self esteem!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  10. Absolutely stunning 🙂 loved the whole look ❤ following you now, it would be great if you follow me back 🙂 nice to connect 🙂

  11. Amazing pics!! 🙂
    NL. ❤

  12. Fabulous look hun, you look great!
    Fab shoes!

  13. I love your glamourous spin on the classic denim shirt, the styling is fabulous, the vest most certainly does not do that, you have the perfect figure! Love these gorgeous shoes. I hope you have an inspiring week ahead doll!

  14. happy week!

    Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle parlano di Mathilde de Turckheim venite a scoprire i suoi accessori direttamente da NEw York…


  15. So everything is good! I love your shoes burgundy color! The great trend!

  16. Denim never gets old! you rock that shirt !
    Jersey Chase

  17. Hi Oxana! I think, it’s look great for me to see you role your pants up. you look fantastic. I,sometimes love to see the unexpected look, it makes a different! thanks for stopping by Oxana! I hope you are well!


  18. I agree with you that people want to change things on themselves – body shape, face, color of hair… but it is also because of the pressure of the outside world, fashion magazines, so on. We are taught that we can always be better and by “neing better” it means to look like photoshopped pictures – it’s not real! Anyway, I am not perfect and I also think of changing the color of hair sometimes 🙂 I liked your outfit! I don;t think it makes you look fat! I loved the denim shirt, the shoes, the vest! The earrings are great and you look really beautiful! Don’t ever think the contrary! denisesplanet com

  19. I’ m totally in love for your burgundy shoes!



  20. What a chic and fresh look! I’m in love with your shoes!! ❤

    New Blog Post: 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Look

  21. Very beautiful, love your look and your photos 🙂

  22. I love your shoes!
    I like the makeup, the earrings, great look!

  23. Gorgeous! Such rich colors and those shoes actually look comfortable too!

  24. Обувь – просто чума!!! Красотка!

  25. love the outfit! love chambray

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