Plum slick

lavender-loafers-floral-pants-leather-jacket-karen-walker-sunglasses-super-duper-fashion-blogger lavender-loafers-floral-pants-leather-jacket-karen-walker-sunglasses-super-duper-fashion-blogger lavender-loafers-floral-pants-leather-jacket-karen-walker-sunglasses-super-duper-fashion-blogger lavender-loafers-floral-pants-leather-jacket-karen-walker-sunglasses-super-duper-fashion-blogger
All of us love creams, lotions, lipsticks, eye shadows or nail polish and no matter how many we have, it’s always not enough. I used to change every six month creams and lotions even so they were not finished, I just throw out the old and bought new one, because new packages and their smells invited me to become their new owner. Lately I became more calm about creams and lotions but not about perfumes. It’s always not enough. And this time when I’ve been in Seoul I almost bought new perfume even tough I have around 10 of them hardly been used. Instead of new perfume I opt for a new lipstick by Armani in rich plum color, but actually I almost bought new perfume but then I just returned it, oh it was awful, I could not buy even juice because I run out all money in Duty free cosmetic shop, what the shame, I terrible wanted to have this perfume, but finally I’ve decided to keep only the lipstick. However lipsticks in dark colors are kinda dangerous, especially if lips are thin rather than chubby. I’m lucky my lips are something in the middle, therefore I just slightly open my mouth and definitely no pursed lips. Also not less important is that dark lipstick attracts attention to teeth so should be more careful about their whiteness. But anyway dark lipstick in rich color is always a pleasure to have, it will make outfit fabulous  and completed.


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  1. love love love this outfit! the lipstick is just perfection with those pants!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  2. Amazing outfit and great inspiration. Have a great week!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. Love!! You look so cool ! Loving your dark lipstick too:-D

  4. Очень очень очень круто! я как раз в поиске сливовой помады 🙂 ( и очки за 5 дол такие едут lol) посмотрим как на мне все это будет.А тебе так славно в темном цвете, я каждый раз любуюсь!

  5. Love the top you paired with those fabulous pants! I love the dark lip and your nail color is hot!!

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