Unusual use of conventional tofu

Do you like tofu? How usually do you cook it? I googled “Ways to cook tofu” and found the most common ways are either stir fry or marinade, What usually do we do with tofu? To be honest before when I decided to stop eating meat I even didn’t know from which side I should cut tofu. But later when my diet have changed completely I discovered tofu in different ways, now I put it in porridge, salad, everywhere where my hands or mind would suggest that it will taste great and this is simple. But the way which I’m going to offer you now, I bet, going to be the most unusual use of tofu, at least for me it is.

Ok, I ‘m not going to torment you with my thoughts, let’s get started.

This is a  tofu smoothie. Even of you are not a tofu lover, I’m sure you’re going to become after when you try this recipe.

So what we need is:

  • 2 cups of almond/oat/rice/soybean milk,
  • small piece of tofu, usually I buy pack of 200-250 grams tofu and this time I put around 50, the more tofu the thicker smoothie will be,
  • five big strawberries and one kiwi.
  • couple mint leaves
  • honey if you like it

Just blend everything and enjoy your delicious, refreshing and healthy smoothie.

If you put more tofu, consistence of this smoothie will be very like yogurt, so I would say it also can be used as a yogurt making way.


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26 replies

  1. Great recipe, I’ll try it for sure!
    Xxx hun



  2. I love tofu and smoothie this its my kind of recipes doll well done will keep in my archive.

  3. Great post!I don’t like tofu that much, but eat it because it’s healthy.Thank you for the new recipe!

  4. Yummy!! This sounds SO GOOD!! Thank you for sharing! 😉

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  5. I just cannot get into tofu… I hope you really enjoy it though 🙂

  6. nice food! 😉


  7. Thanks so much for the tofu smoothie recipe! Sounds so delicious!


  8. I love tofu! But then again, I’m asian and we use it like a meat 😛 Never thought of making a smoothie with it tho….

  9. Как захотелось какао))) Спасибо за комменты!

  10. Я очень люблю жаренный тофу, а твой рецепт очень необычен=))
    Спасибо, что поделилась-)

  11. I’ve actually never tried tofu before, I had no idea it could be used in a smoothie, sounds so interesting!

  12. It looks great!

    xx, Ana Carolina.
    Instagram e Twitter: @simplesglamour

  13. Great recipe! it’s a creative way of incorporating tofu into your diet! I love tofu! I actually discovered a new way to eat it as well. I saute it with some mushrooms and I add some spices, then I add a side of salsa with it. It tastes really good.


  14. Great post!I don’t like tofu that much, but I know that it’s healthy.Thank you for the new recipe!

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