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lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-shoes-catwalk-runway lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-shoes-catwalk-runway lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-shoes-catwalk-runway lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-shoes-catwalk-runway lavender-loafers-fashion-blogger-shoes-catwalk-runway

I spent last month searching for fashion details from catwalk, I mean for sure shown apparel hold all attention and don’t wont to leave the first place, but what about details such as shoes, bags, make up and hair, they are no less interesting. I’m wondering was there ever a Fashion catwalk where models were wearing either bikini or underwear or maybe transparent clothes and were showing only bags and shoes or they are always just a part of apparel fashion show? I mean fashion show just only for details? And how they create exactly such shoes which are fit to garments.

They cost an enormous amount of money but any way they are perfect. Recently I saw shoes by A.Wang and even tried them on, can’t afford at least will try I thought and even uploaded picture on my Instagram account. But for those who can’t afford to buy such expensive items there is always an option to buy just similar shoes from mass market shops. Once I was lucky enough to buy boots for only 289 NZD instead of 1000 with something,

I love shoes as Carrie from Sex and the city, when she said that she could buy an apartment for all these money which she spent on shoes I remember my self straight away, and I can’t say them goodbye even so don’t wear them so often. Also I remember when I’ve been in Hong Kong mostly of time I spent in shopping malls and at the end I got even sick from buying clothes, but not from shoes, finally I still have some of them which I’ve not wear yet. For sure, shoes are my addiction forever.

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31 replies

  1. Gorgeous selection of shoes. Well done

  2. Agreed! I also love shoes!! Carrie from Sex and the City always had such gorgeous pairs….!

  3. Totally agree…. I love shoes!!!!!
    Happy Halloween doll!

  4. Oh, I love shoes!! These are so beautiful!!

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  5. I Love ♥ those green shoes… so lovely 😉

  6. I can’t believe it but I am utterly attracted by that metallic silver ankle boot, it makes such a futuristic statement, loving the green heels as well, really fabulous pairs! Happy Friday Doll!

  7. What a fabulous roundup of shoes! I think the runway details can sometimes be as fascinating as the actual looks. That first shoe with the crystal detail strap is just stunning!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. I am a shoe lover, for sure, and I loved this post! I loved the first pair of shoes, the red one and the boots! All really perfect! Sorry, I have been out of blogs (also from my blog) for some weeks, coming back now! denisesplanet com

  9. What a dreamy post! Good job. I want them all.

  10. Tnx for your lovely comment, Kisses honey!!!!!

  11. Ooooooo shoes are my weakness…and I’m having shoe envy here 😛 The hubby keeps telling me to stop buying shoes, but I ignore him 😛

  12. I think all women love shoes! I have no idea what it is about them and why a lot of us are so in love with shoes, but there is nothing quite like a well crafted Italian leather shoe in my opinion! All of the above are incredible! I would wear all of them! Enjoy your weekend!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  13. Those shoes are amazingly beautiful.

  14. заверните все!!!!!!! нереально!

  15. great selection, I love all of these but especially the sandal heels!



  16. I would want to wear them all and keep them in my collections! incredible! Oxana! I apologies for a late replied, me and my boys are sick and fever again, my hubby posted my today outfit for me, otherwise, I probably cant do it yet. Thanks for every kind things Oxana. You’re so lovely! Hope you are going to have a great day and week. I will speak to you later :).

    hugs and kisses

  17. Those reptilian green heels are divine!!!

  18. I am obsessed with shoes!! You’ve shared an amazing collection. I love those multicolored heels # 4. Congratz for being nominated for Versatile Blogger Award at


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