How to make the trendiest costume for Halloween 2013

Halloween is just 3 days away and many people are thinking what to dress to look fierce. If you still don’t know how to do it, look at this 5 Top trendiest costumes for 2013  and at the end you can find the idea how to make the hottest costume of this year.

#5 Miley Cyrus

Lavenderloafers-miley cyrus-costume-halloween2013

#4 Duck Dynasty


#3 Foxes


spurred by Ylvis’s What Does the Fox say video which generated more than 100M views on Youtube.

#2 Breaking Bad


searches for this costume are 3 times higher than last year

#1 Minion

Lavenderloafers-Minion-costume-halloweenta-daaa it’s not Great Gatsby, it’s Minion and it is #1 on top trending searches for both adults and kids.   It’s so good that this costume is really easy to make without  extra investment. Everything what you need is denim dungarees, this year is so fashionable to have one , yellow sweetshirt-hoodie, black boots/sneakers/ballets and black gloves.  It remains only to make goggles. I suggest to make it from sewing black rubber and two Starbucks lids or any plastic lids.


So what you need is to make holes on sides in lids, insert rubber and tied it up, or you can use only one lid, not all of Minions have two eyes:)  Also you can draw eyes on lids.

Have fun!


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29 replies

  1. Great selection of custom hapoy sunday doll. No need to come over no new post today.

  2. Great Post!
    i follow you now on Bloglovin:-)
    Keep in touch –

  3. You have the cutest ideas, I am not sure I could get away with wearing them but they are adorable 🙂

  4. These ideas are fab my darlin, I love them all!


  5. Ого, крутые идеи! Больше всего понравилась Miley Cyrus-)))) А у нас этот праздник с таким размахом не празднуют=))))))

  6. Great ideas, love your suggestion

  7. Minion is the best option

  8. креативные идеи)

  9. Aw these are such fun and great costume ideas! Wish we celebrated Halloween here. Have an awesome week ahead!

  10. such great ideas!!!

    Prodotti sensibili per la nostra pelle…


  11. The minion is my favorite! But like you said i’m surprised there is no great gatsby up there!

  12. All the costumes are my favorite! Happy Halloween! Keep in touch 🙂

  13. Seriously….LOVE the minions!!! Miley Cyrus one is hilarious 😛

  14. thanks for the coments 😉 great costums

  15. such adorable ideas! thanks for sharing!

  16. хахаха! классные костюмчики))))

  17. Miley Cyrus is so funny, but only suitable for perfect bodies haha

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