Review of September outfits

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It’s October already, I’m really happy about it as opposed to the almost entire world. Here it means  summer wardrobe, movies in the park, different festivals, cycling, surfing, kayaking and much more interesting things. But anyway there is something what  unites us, it’s expecting of a new season, new experience and new wardrobe. I believe it’s always thrilling because we can renew and show off our best skills to team different items to create fabulous outfits:)

It’s my first collage, to be honest due to my unfriendly relationship with Photoshop,  I hardly could make even this one:)

How are you planning to spend winter time? Do you have special things to do? Maybe skiing? Or throwing snow balls?


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  1. Chicago winters can get rough…so I’m planning on hibernating 😛 My hubby, who group up on an island, LOVES winter. When it snows…he’s like a little kid…ready to go out and build snow men and have snow ball fights!

  2. Hey nice post.Just to let you know there is a program called and is easy to use for collages or for pictures like this I use for stopping by on my blog.Keep in touch.
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  3. Def throwing snow balls and make some Jack Frost *-*
    Fab selection of pics doll, you super cute!


  4. beautiful collage…i don’t like autumn…i prefer summer! 🙂

    Uncinetto e ricamo su

    Also “I like” on

  5. Все образы потрясающие стильные! Вы молодец!

  6. lovely collage!:) I prefer summer but I’m pushing myself to appreciate other seasons too♥.. even if the weather is gloomy, it has its own atmosphere;) And I’m also looking forward to halloween!;)

  7. Photoshop takes practice and a lot of screaming at the computer – stick with it! Also ahh Halloween! 🙂

  8. You’re right I’m not happy it’s already October. So you live in New Zealand. Lucky you. Your first collage look fabulous. Congrats on making one. Till this day I have no idea how to do it. I have no plans for winter. Maybe crying over the awful weather 😉

    xx Mira

  9. I love your collage! I’m totally impressed!! I have no idea how to do that- but excellent work!! xo

  10. Beautiful outfits and pictures! I cannot believe October is already here.


  11. Hi dear, this is a great roundup of looks, if you are having a problem with Photoshop, download Picasa for free, its much easier to use. Its the start of Spring here but its been so cold, its like winter never left! Thanks so much for your wonderfully kind words, they meant a lot to me. you are too sweet!

  12. Me encantan todos tus looks, son fantásticos!!
    Un beso!

  13. very nic collage of pictures. your blog is so original..i follow u..and if u want we can follow each other on our social network. kissessss sweety 😉

  14. Очень красивые снимки!!!

  15. The green jacket and the leather with those fabulous heels is my favourite outfit.! We’ll likey go snowboarding in Whistler at least one weekend come winter! /Madison 🙂

  16. обожаю в твоем гардеробе вещи с мужским характером, ты в них выглядишь потрясающе: такой классный микс из девочкиных вещей и брутальных тебе удается просто первоклассно!!! хохо
    насчет зимы: я тоже рада октябрю и минусовой температуре, у меня есть шубы))) буду носить пуховики, мех и вязаные шапки, кататься на санках, лыжах, коньках, валяться в сугробах, бросаться снежками и – главное – хоккейный сезон!!! так что я морально к зиме готова! хотя немного завидую твоему лету)))

    • А это мое существо, я teamboy это и проявляется в моей одежде:) не могу носить только девочковое. Я б тоже с удовольствием в сугробе повалялась с удовольствием но у нас снегу не бывает:)

  17. Nice choices! I loved your green blouse from the last look.

  18. Thank you a lot for your lovely comment on my blog ( )

    Your blog looks amazing, you’ve really good posts !
    Kisses from Spain

  19. great inspiration for future outfits!

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