NZFW, part #4, Natalie and catwalk

Picture by Alex, Chin, Danny & Mino from FOUREYES NZ Street Style Blog,

Picture by Alex, Chin, Danny & Mino from FOUREYES NZ Street Style Blog,

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I’ve done this post separate from my other post from NZ Fashion Week intentionally. As you know I’ve done a lot of pictures from catwalks, but bcz I didn’t have place in first row my pictures were awful (lesson for next yer). You couldn’t see all these beauty as I could  and it was really kinda difficult to picture how outfit will be fit on. So when I saw  the photo of Natalie, at NZ Street Style blog FOUREYES , she is presenter for Fashion One , wearing skirt the same as skirt from catwalk,  you can imagine my feelings, I was more then exited I was overwhelmed. I asked guys from Foureyes , btw this blog is owned by 4 awesome guys,  and they allowed me kindly to do it.  If you want to know about New Zealand Fashion life you should check their blog out, there are plenty of street pictures, photos from catwalks and different fashion events.

Have a good week, lovelies:)




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10 replies

  1. That’s such a great skirt- I love the layer!

  2. Hi Oxana! You did a great job not even a front row. the skirt so beautiful, must be awesome to wear!

    Happy Oct to you!


  3. even if you werent in the first row, i can imagine how wonderful attending must have been! though i totally get how frustrating it is to get a good photo.the one you found is awesome- I LOVE her clear heels. Swoon!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Wonderful to be there in the fashion week event.

  5. thanks for the comments 😉 great post

  6. To me it just looks like the slip is too long, sowwy 🙂

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