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Stupid name of this post:)  I like it anyway:) This Thursday I’ve got unbelievable feelings being personal shopper:)  And I realized how MUCH I love it!!!! I always go to different malls spending money so now I’ve got such moment in my life when I have only 50 dolls in my bank account:)  btw last I spent on white cool vest, but it was such a great deal I couldn’t not help not to buy it.   I went with my friend to meet up in shopping mall to pop around and drink coffee 🙂 And because I don’t have money to buy I offered my friend to try dress on, haha, she was kinda thinking how to pull this dress together and with what:) and I just sent her to changing room and brought all other staff to show how she can combine this dress, and when she opened curtains I could see her eyes full of happiness and delight of herself. Even so she didn’t plan to buy something finally she bought dress, top, vest and jacket:) now she is going to buy something only with me, but also when she will have enough money:) Do you think am I scared her:) and she won’t go anymore with me in shopping malls:)?

These shoes are from my DIY, you can check them here, oh and this shirt is not mine:) it’s actually my boyfriend’s shirt:) but I love men clothes:)

What do you think?

lavender loafers, blue shirt, jewelry, new zealand, fashion blog, silver metalic shoes

Silver bracelet is my DIY

lavender loafers, blue shirt, jewelry, new zealand, fashion blog lavender loafers, blue shirt, jewelry, new zealand, fashion blog, silver metalic shoes lavender loafers, blue shirt, jewelry, new zealand, fashion blog, silver metalic shoes lavender loafers, blue shirt, jewelry, new zealand, fashion blog, silver metalic shoes


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  1. Love the whole look! And great bracelet- love that you made it!! It’s always fun to have on something that you made 🙂

  2. Wow, the second pic looks really good! I didn’t know that you were a diabolical mall-temptress, haha! And we are finally seeing the shoes in action, they look brilliant, as planned.

    Yours affectionately, Comtesse Sofia

    PS: Check your e-mail!

  3. I don’t think You will scare her, She is going to appreciates and looking forward to go shop with you even more:). You look so chic and how cool is that the DIY shoes, it’s turned out unbelievable chic looking shoes:)!! I’d love to try to do mine sometimes! thanks for the great trip:)!!

    Ps, I love a guy’s clothes too, they so sexy to me:)!!


  4. Great to see you wearing these shoes. Love this outfit, especially the bag!
    Laura. xx


  5. Your friend is lucky to have you:D And love love love the shoes!

  6. Un look cómodo y relajado que te favorece muchísimo!!!
    Un beso!


  7. I think Men’s clothing is hot for Fall! I plan on wearing my husband’s button downs paired with my leather pants this Fall! YOu look great! xx Pip

  8. Haha not a stupid name – I always have problems coming up with good titles. I love this look – the buttoned down layered over the girly top is perfect. xx kat

    Love and Ace

  9. You’re the kindest, I just follow your bloglovin and liked your post both here and bloglovin’s liked! You deserve it from me. if you want to follow me back, that’s wonderful too. but if you wont, you still deserve my follow:)!!! I’ll speaks to you again when our next posts:)!!!

    Have an amazing day to you gorgeous!



  10. beautiful outfit!♥ love the bold bracelets!:) I followed you on bloglovin and I liked your facebook page with my personal account (petra lorencová)♥ you can follow me back if you’d like;) Kisses!


    My Facebook page

    My Bloglovin profile

  11. Gorgeous outfit! Love the top and your shoes are amazing! I really like shopping with friends too! Glad that you could make her feel so special!


  12. Love this whole look and what you did to your shoes! I’m all about the menswear, and it works out even better when you can borrow it:)

  13. That’s so cool you DIYed your shoes- they go SO well with the outfit! And I LOVE how you buttoned your chambray top only half way and let the stripes peek out. That is so so cute- I’m definitely going to copy that 😉

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  14. Cool shoes and awesome jewelry! And I love that the shirt is your boyfriend’s!

    The Marcy Stop

  15. Love this look and the shoes it´s so different´s, i like so much!


  16. your look rocks! it’s like the epitome of cool. seriously. you have great style.

  17. It’s a cute title, I like it! I am loving your outfit, so edgy and those shoes are killers.


  18. Hi sweety, your styling is so unique and stunningly chic, love your gorgeous accessories in this lovely look!Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by hun 🙂

  19. Oh, I loved the shirt, well done getting it from your boyfriend! And also well done for the DIY shoes, wow! You are very talented! I liked your outfit very much! I think your friend didn’t get scared, on the contrary! I think she enjoyed going to the mall with you. And sometimes we don’t have to buy anything, just get inspiration! It’s nice! I liked the title of the post too! So, about vegetarian meals that you asked! I am a vegetarian for more than 2 decades, I was a child when I started, against my parents’ will! I don’t like the taste of meat! I was planning to post some recipes, from the next year on… but if you want, just write me and I will be glad to share them with you anytime! (pitgat@yahoo.com) denisesplanet com

  20. I Love ur casual laid back looks yet stylish . BTW I LOVE MEN’SWEAR 2 ,



  21. Cool shoes! And your hair is awesome.
    hugs & Kisses,

  22. а вот и супер туфли) мне нравится)


  23. The coolest ever. Pure rock vibes are on and these made shoes are so gorgeous.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  24. we always love your accessories – the jewelry, shoes, bags, all so fabulous! and you really know how to pile them on! xx

  25. Очень стильный образ! Смелый, яркий, сочный!

  26. Love the entire look from head to toe! It all comes together perfectly! Would love for you to check out my blog

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