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Hi lovelies… Recently I’ve been thinking about blogging and I even started to write about it, I think I should continue, I’m actually not a such beginner in blogging as it seems to be and even so here (at WordPress) I’m just only from this April in reality I’m blogging for 1 year, it’s not also to long time.:)  However, I can say that for this year I’ve changed a lot as I mentioned before, but even not this I wanted to say, I was told that I should have 100 comments and not only 14:) …..  I think…. every comments  I believe I get from open heart , from people whom blogs I really adore, I believe they really feel what they write… Because I do the same… Thank you girls for your kind words, for your support because every your comment give me strength to go ahead to reach my dream to become a professional stylist and make it my full time job  to help women to be happy , feel their beauty, become self confident and value every moments of their perfect life  … I believe every woman is beautiful and can do this!

 And now one more my personal outfit, this vest I kinda made by myself. It was a jacket with sleeves but because it’s men big jacket when I put it on it was really too baggy, and I looked too fat, to make it lighter I just cut off the sleeves and now it looks better, so small tips if it’s too baggy just cut out the sleeves:)

 btw I remember I promised to do DIY about bracelet from this post I will do it this week:)

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  1. Great look 🙂 I’m glad you are continuing to blog because you have a great one!!

  2. Love the look you have created with this DIY vest! Its smart and edgy! You look very pretty too! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Do visit my blog as well :

  3. Wow.. you look absolute sharp and chic. Love your vest and those heels. And I’m sure you’ll reach your dreams pretty soon. xx

  4. Good idea, the jacket looks just the right size now (and it’s badass, haha)! It’s so daring and feminine to combine a military look with a touch of animal print! I love it!

    Also, thank you again for making me smile with your sincere and touching writing. I think an open heart is something that is not always easy to find in the fashion industry, so don’t ever lose it!

    Yours affectionately,
    Comtesse Sofia

  5. You look gorgeous, love your whole look! would you like to follow each other?

  6. Ur delightful great posts just keep making me come back to Ur blog every time for a comment ,

    i love both u & Ur blog ,
    so am inviting you to celebrate with me my blogiversary & an international giveaway , come join me sweetie & make my day


  7. I am so in love with your look, what a great combined specially an animal print touch. You look amazing! Please do continue blogging, you blog is awesome for other people to stop by and check out. Thanks for your kind words on mine. you’re so kind!

  8. love this outfit its really nice. the jacket with the pants are so nicely fitted.

    would love for you to check out my blog

  9. Such a stunning look ….loved the vest ! you look so beautiful

  10. You definitely should continue blogging! It’s my first time here but I can see that you have a very professional looking blog, and photos! I loved your outfit. You look amazing! Keep up the good work. And thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Hope to see you again soon! 🙂

  11. you look lovely!!

  12. I love your style my dear. The look u have uploaded is just breath – taking. Your shoes are awesome!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  13. Thanks for stopping by :). I just cant get enough of your amazing look here:) Cant wait for your next look!

    Have an awesome weekend!

  14. I agree on your thoughts about blogging. Your styling of this outfit is brilliant, love the unique mix of pieces, they all work so well together! I appreciate your kind words, wishing you a wonderful sunny weekend!

  15. Oksana, you are wonderful! The upper photo is so natural… I like it too much!

  16. hot pants and shoes! We’re glad you’re enjoying blogging, you’re doing a great job!

  17. Hi dear,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I totally agree with you!
    By the way love the look a lot! Keep up the good work dear! ❤

    Join my Yves Rocher Make-up giveaway:


  18. Aw Thank YOU for your kind words over at mine! Such an inspiration. Also, I love your jacket… Is that a pocket-type-thing in the back?
    Hugs & Kisses,

  19. О, это действительно классно!!! В жилет просто влюбилась!



  20. I like your style and I understand if sometimes you feel overwhelm as I sometimes feel like that too. But I read somewhere that the man who moved a mountain started moving rocks. So we have to work hard to accomplish what we want. We should never give up.

    Nice outfit, your shoes are amazing.

  21. Жилет супер) Еще пару дней назад твои кожаные брюки в инсте меня не “вдохновляли”, но вот сейчас в Москве ужасно похолодало и я с удовольствием разглядываю твой лук)))

  22. Totally agree about the comments!!
    Your outfit rocks! Love the vest! kiss


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