Leather and fur

Leather with fur coat

Fur and leather Fur and leather

Hello lovelies! Finally yesterday I went to cinema at The Great Gatsby movie. Premiere of this movie started in NZ quite late in comparison with other world only in June and today I went to Steel man , two days in a row:) And I’ve got a call from my work:) Tomorrow I go to work! Hurra, finally! And now I need to get ready for tomorrow:)
What do you think about my outfit?


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10 replies

  1. This is a lovely post 😀
    Can you share your sweet Lifestyle Posts to my this blog ?
    I ‘ll give full linkback my friend 😀
    Have a visit and Follow then decide my dear talented friend !!

  2. i love the cropped pants and booties look, very fierce 🙂
    great outfit!

  3. I truly love how those pants look with those chic booties. You look fabulous my dear!!! I can’t make myself to wear leather pants yet, but after seeing your pictures I started toying the idea to try on a pair. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I love this coat, hope it’s not real fur 🙂
    Recently saw the Great Gatsby film, only liked it because of L.DiCaprio…
    Kiss, Alex

  5. Nice! And love the red accessory piece too!

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