One of my favorite band

Just wanted to share link with song on Youtube of one of my favorite band Roxette. I fall in love with their music from my childhood, those time we just got MTV in Russia and this is how I got known their music. Those time we had music studios where everybody could come and record music on tape, we didn’t have those time music shops like now  we have where you can come and buy ready CD with music or download from Internet:) Those time we didn’t have Internet:) I lived in USSR:)  Lately my friends knowing that I’m huge fan of them gave me ALL their albums and I always listened them working or just being at home and enjoying.

When Roxette was going to come into New Zealand I was the happiest person ever! I bought tickets and counted every day until their concert, but… It didn’t happen… I hated them for one year after that and could not forgive they broke my dream…

Now I love them again and want to share the best their song, at least for me.. Many memories  connect with this song I even cry sometimes when I hear this song… But it’s wonderful how many feelings music can derive and bring to us and from us…



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  1. Cool.

  2. So cool.

  3. I heard some of their songs. I think they’re cool 🙂
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  4. Hmmm …did my last comment get thru >.< My comments getting lost waaah!

  5. I just love Roxette! One my favorite 90’s group! xxx

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