Auckland streets

Finally I’ve decided to start posting pictures from Auckland New Zealand, where I live. Who have been here? Yes, not everybody. Who wants to have a look at Auckland streets? Yes, everybody. Sure you can find many pictures from Internet, but all of them mostly from touristic place, but I want to show here pictures of everyday life, people, shops, interesting moments by eyes of  inhabitant. Will see:)

I found these shoes in mailbox, did somebody send them?


How often we women are so in a harry to put on our favorite shoes and just forgot to stick out price tag

leopard shoes guysI could not help not to take pictures of these guys


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7 replies

  1. Auckland looks like such a cool and vibrant place, would love to visit some day!
    Laura. xx

  2. Thanks SO much for sweet words on my blog:) I love your blog to Its full of inspiration in every post, and Im following..

    If you like Bardot…check out my new post:)

    have an amazing day dear

    LOVE Maria

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