Summer memories

Hello lovelies!!!! We are almost in winter here in New Zealand. Almost everyday is rainy , cold and wet… Brrr… I don’t like really such kind of weather, last year it was much better. Last two days I had to be in a bed, so today is my first day in front of computer and I’m posting these pictures in memory of Summer….

these pants I spotted on Ebay for only 18 USD, it’s genuine leather and this is not surprise to have genuine leather pants sure, bit what  unique about that pants is they are hand-made acrylic painted. Can you imagine? When I saw them for only 18 USD I was more than happy:) I could not help not to buy them! even so usually I don’t buy pants in this color but only that fact to have such kind of pants made my choice:) This silk poncho I made myself it was so easy:) just cut silk fabric to make it rectangular shape, make hole for head and stitch the hems and it’s ready. ANd its very comfy item, I love using this poncho with swimsuit at the beach also. What do you think?

silk poncho and leather pants acrylic painted leather pants acrylic painted leather pants acrylic painted


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  1. Those pants are cute and they were a bargain indeed 🙂 That iguana is my pet and he is super friendly fellow, haha 🙂
    x, Lara

  2. beautiful outfit!what gorgeous bold prints!….here it is also cold…but it looks like it might be a nice day afterall today, some sun is showing…

  3. Same here in South Africa… Brrrr it’s freezing and raining, been like that for days now and not getting any better. I miss summer so badly 😦

  4. Loving your dashing print mix, it looks fantastic hun!

  5. adorable!

    CHeck my blog tomorrow for a great giveaway! Xjes

  6. hi babe..please join to my oasap international’s only two days left..


  7. Красивые фотографии. Великолепный образ!

  8. wow gorgeous poncho ! you made it yourself ? amazing!
    greetings from cold and rainy vienna !

  9. ох, нельзя поддаваться стрессу, все так быстро проходит: и хорошее и плохое))) а одежда остается, тем более такая красивая))) брюки, действительно, классно сделаны, на фото не понятно, что это кожа, но представляю, что в живую эта игра света-теней делает вещь нереально крутой! шелковая акварельная размахайка словно расписана тоже вручную, гармонично дополняет! классно выглядишь, не дрейфь!!! хохо

  10. Nice outfit and that bouse looks perfect. Have a great day.

  11. You live in New Zealand? You lucky, lucky girl! 😀 ❤ Love the outfit! Beautiful mix in colors and prints! Thanks again for the sweet comment on my blog. You're welcome back any time! 😛

    – Anna

  12. seriously in love with this ensemble! the trousers are amazing

  13. I hope you are feeling better now. You look amazing. Love the top and pants. It’s almost summer here but the weather is awful. Cold and rainy. I bet it’s worse than your winter 😀



  14. Olá!
    Eu adorei!
    Está simplesmente linda!
    Realmente esta calça foi um ótimo investimento! E adoro o EBAy!
    Ps: ADORO FRIO (risos)

  15. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so wonderful and Im now following:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration…check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at

  16. Great outfit, I really like this cute top 🙂

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