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As I promised I took pictures of my new DIY  t-shirt, for those who don’t know how to make it here.  After this DIY I really got a lot of ideas how to change your t-shirt and look unique, for sure nobody will have the same. Oh, and I’ve found the hat of my dream!:) I’m actually obsessed with different kinds of hat:) This is my another finding and I love it a lot! And these pants are made by myself:)


black hat black hat black hat

animal print shoes Wearing here: leather jacket – just jeans, hat – kookai, pants made by myself, shoes – born, top – diy


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24 replies

  1. you look lovely ,
    i love your effortless style


  2. you look amazing!!!

  3. you look amazing, great shoes and pants

  4. Such a great hat! And the print on those pants is divine

    The Marcy Stop

  5. great DIY…gorgeous shirt and I like the pants you’ve paired it with…

  6. What a great outfit! Love the trousers, they’re so cool.

    x Sam

  7. wooow i really adore that wild print of your pants! gorgeous!
    love and kiss,mary

  8. пищу от восторга: обожаю микс принтов!!! а еще эта умопомрачительная шляпа!!! класс!!!

  9. i can’t believe you made that shirt yourself–that’s so fab!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. Thanks all of you guys! I really appreciate this!

  11. Cool daring outfit!! Great!

  12. За смотрелась на шляпу и забыла, что пост про майку. Тоже жШляпу захотела, только летнюю . Пойду дальше про майку читать , никогда бы не подумала что хэнд мэйд! Оч круто !

    • спасибо! Покупай лентюю шляпу обязательно, только не федору, они приелись уже, ищи что-нить более интересней, если вдруг надешь Пилигрим Карен Вокер – покупай сразу, у нее форма неповторимая! все пошла кино смотреть, а то зовут уже:)

  13. wow, i love this look and style!

    brazilian greetings

  14. crazy cool outfit! amazing styling, love it!
    and thats awesome, will have to give it a try to one of my tshirts!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  15. Great outfit! I loved the T-shirt! And shoes! Beautiful pictures!

  16. love love love this outfit!!! amazing way of mixing the prints in the pants and shoes!

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