Orange mood when it’s rainy

Today it’s rain all day long:) Before I was really crazy about such kind of weather I remember as long as I heard rain I grabbed umbrella and ran from home to walk in my gumboots  and orange huge closing the half of my face inspired by 70s sunglasses:)  I made my mood on my own:) everybody was upset about rain and a bit angry, but not me I had my orange sunnies that made the world around me not pink but orange and sunny!:)  It was 10 years ago…I moved to another city and left my sunnies  in my hometown…

Because now I’m not keen as I was I don’t run already to street, instead of this I’m having now delicious chamomile tea with lemon Shott (NZ made fruit amazing syrup) and with leave of mint, posting and listening my favorite Internet Radio.

This is SKY.FM commercial free Internet Radio. They have really huge range of awesome different stations. Every person with any taste can find music from classical music to hits from different countries! Just some of them:) Best of the 60s, Israeli hits, Love music, Solo piano, Relaxation, Metal, Modern blues there are really hips of music:) My favorite is Vocal Smooth Jazz, I love it as I never loved before any radio station!!!! If you love  Sade, Peter White, Alessi Brothers, Paul Hardcastle and all that jazz – this is your radio too:)

I’m so happy now that I can just drink tea, listen my favorite music and posting pictures which we took six months ago:)

orange jeans orange jeans orange jeans


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19 replies

  1. Just to let you know – I’ve nominated you for a much deserved Sunshine Blog Award – hop back to mine for more info! x

  2. Loving the bright outfit! Does add a shine to a gloomy day!

  3. Love the colors in your outfit! And the volume in your hair-sophisticated
    Hugs & Kisses,

  4. Your outfit really rocks in a rainy day! Love the colors, the pants with the heels are a very stylish match! You look nice!:) Happy Sunday! Kisses! xo

  5. Love the colors! I’ve been looking for a necklace just like that one, so gorgeous!

  6. I love your Levi’s “Trucker” jacket, these fabulous trousers and your gorgeously colorful necklace ! Thank you very much for following my blog ! Fashionable greetings from Marseille, France !

  7. Love blue heels with orange pants…
    great outfit~

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