Brogues Prada

I’ve found this brogues Prada in internet from very famous website. Truly it was my dream to have brogues exactly Prada, which mix masculine and feminine style, what is one of my favorite. So when I found them I was on cloud nine and I thought “Oh, sh.. I’m going to have them ” and price was actually really good, for comparison from Prada shop the same style  but in another color costs 1000 USD.  Because it was an auction and nobody bid I had time to think, I asked my friends should I or not and of course everybody told me ” You are crazy”  and showed me unpleasant sing!!!!! But I wanted to have them anyway, why not?

  First my misfortune happened when I’ve got a letter from Custom that I must pay tax and this tax was exactly half of cost my brogues. Ok, I’ve paid what could I change? Nothing. By those time I paid already the full price to seller and it was not refundable. With some exception I was happy, because I can’t, if something disturbs me, in this case it was the tax. But next problems happened when I put them on and I understood that they are actually small for me in their rise and plus to all of these I got really massive blister.

Morality? If your choice is really expensive go to shop and buy there. Yes, you spend more money but otherwise your dream will become fashion icon in corner of your closet! Oh my goodness, now I’m just praying on them…

IMG_4741 IMG_4550 IMG_4642


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  1. Love the styling here! Every piece is to die for 😀

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