Red vintage coat

Sometimes I love popping up in to antique shops. There are always heaps of different interesting things. All of them smelling by age and the history from grandma’s chest. Do you remember Anton Ego, the critic man in the movie Ratatouille?…  When he tried that dish that brought him back to astonishing nostalgic memories about his mother’s cooking. I feel exactly the same when I’m stepping in to antique shops.

That day I decided to bring back some memories again and I went to an antique shop, based in Browns Bay, unfortunately not there any more. The first thing that caught my attention in this coat, was the vibrant color and the year, it was made in 1952 in New Zealand, but it was a bit too long and it didn’t look pretty:), but I was already captivated by this brightness. Even though I  didn’t know  how to wear it, I decided to buy it.  Well then, without any regrets I just cut the hem off and…

Now it is one of my favorites…

Red vintage coat

Red vintage coat Red vintage coat Red vintage coat


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5 replies

  1. Good thinking to tie the coat and create a figure! It totally changes the dyamic of the outfit and gives a beautiful silhouette. Love it! xoxo -j

  2. a vibrant colour and a nice old piece 🙂 lovely find! nice restyling and reuse 🙂

  3. я все любуюсь на тебя 🙂

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