Lasagna and blue cheese cream

I made this lasagna yesterday. Layered with seasoned veggies in meat sauce, NZ Vintage cheese, marinated sun-dried tomatoes and  blue cheese cream with spinach. Mouth-watering….

I won’t describe the process of cooking, many people know how to do it and for you probably it will be boring. In reality it was really easy to make,  I used seasonal veggies with mince for meat sauce and lasagna sheets from supermarket.

But  I’ve made some exceptions.  In the white cream sauce I melted creamy blue cheese and add spinach, also in meat sauce I add marinated sun-dried tomatoes and green olives.

Flavor of blue cheese on contrast with sweaty sun-dried tomatoes and salty olives made the taste so creamy, smoothly and amazingly rich in delicate composition. Absolutely heavenly…

Try and you will like it for sure.  If you need to have the recipe, let me know please. 🙂



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8 replies

  1. What a great looking slice of lasagna…it sounds terrific.

  2. Mmm. Love a new twist on a classic. 🙂

  3. Adding blue cheese and spinach to the cream sauce, and sun-dried tomatoes and green olives to the meat sauce sounds divine. Great idea, would love the recipe.

  4. Oh, wow, you got our appetite running!


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